Student Printing Services


Although owning a printer is not required, many students purchase a printer for their own convenience. The printer should be connected using a USB or wired network connection. Wireless printing is not recommended. Note: You cannot broadcast your own wireless signal on campus once the device is connected to the GT network.

Semester Print Allocation: Student printing services uses a free print allocation to provide students with free printing throughout campus. The allocation will be deposited at the beginning of each semester. The amounts are as follows: Fall: $33.00. Spring: $35.00. Summer: $27.00.

For-Fee Printing Services: Funds available on Buzzcards may be applied to printing (both Black & White and Color options) in all computer clusters. These pay-for-print capabilities are available once the semester print allocation is expended.

Central Printing Services: Printing is also available from the Central Printing Services (central-ps) which is an offsite printing service with print jobs delivered to bins in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, Room 215. Students are currently not charged for central-ps printing. Central-ps is limited to 1,200 black and white pages per semester.